President Trump Attacked For Firing James Comey

The whole nation was shocked this Tuesday when President Donald Trump fired the FBI director James Comey

Comey has become known as a man full of lies and corruption, he placed himself in the eyes of the public when he protected Hillary over her private email server scandal, as well as for participating in other shady businesses.

The former FBI director did not do his job well and it was the right call that President Trump did by firing him.

Anyhow, the liberals seem to be “heartbroken” over this expected move, and they have taken it on social media to show their anger and attack President Trump.

One of first people to start attacking and “preaching” was Elizabeth Warren:

Also Rep. Elijah Cummings stated the following:

After the statement of Cummings, the Nixon Library took it to Twitter, to attack President Trump, making the President appear worse than Nixon who resigned after the Watergate scandal:

Dan Rather had something to say also, making the whole situation seem like the worse thing had happen, stating:

“Future generations may mark today as one of the truly dark days in American history, a history that may soon take an even more ominous turn.”

The Daily Show shortly after these accusations stated “a more accurate portrayal of the forces at play”

Seeing how every liberal is terribly upset now why don’t they explain how Comey could not do anything against Hillary, but he appears to be so powerful when it came to the investigation of Trump.

Let’s spread the word of these false accusations and show President Trump that he still has the support of his patriots!

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