President Trump Met With Merkel To Discuss Important Issues During The G20 Summit

The most anticipated meeting between President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel just happened. The two of them met in Hamburg, for a bilateral summit, this Thursday. They shook hands and posed in front of the cameras for few seconds so that the friendly moment can be captured for years.

The last meeting, they had at the White House in March wasn’t that perfect, as Trump missed a few situational and verbal cues and didn’t offer Merkel his hand for a handshake.

Merkel decided to make this meeting a bit friendlier than the previous one, by giving her hand to President Trump, as they were standing in front of a G20 backdrop at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski.

The two of them had a quick chat and then Merkel led Trump away, to discuss about the climate change trade and other important matters.

Before Trump arrived in Germany he arranged a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is also one of the most anticipated meetings this week.

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