Principal Punishes Trump Supporter Teen For Winning School Election, Now He Is Facing Harsh Consequences

JP Krauss, a senior at Vero Beach High School in Vero Beach, Florida, won the election for senior class president by giving a Trump-like speech. But his victory didn’t last long as the anti-Trump Principal disqualified him and gave him a detention.

Principal Shawn O’Keefe and the school district are now facing consequences.

The shocking thing is that Krauss didn’t use any explicit language or suggested and kind of questionable behavior from the student body.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming here today. I’d just like to say that I’m hoping I’d be able to win your vote with free speech,” Krauss started. “I represent every student my opponent does not. I am all for freedom, equality, and liberty. My opponent wants to advance communist ideas into the very fabric of our government. She will expand the government so that you will not be able to do anything. She will likely create a dress-code for you all.” The teacher interfered, “JP, I’m already doing that.”

The students laughed, “She will raise taxes to 80 percent. I do not want any taxes for our students. Our student body is the most, is one of the smartest in our county,” Krauss stated.

Then Krauss said, “She wants, she represents Sebastian River High School. What I want, what I propose is that we build a wall between here and Sebastian River and we make Sebastian River pay for it.”

The class was laughing as the irritated liberal teacher cut into Krauss’ speech again, asking, “Are you done?” Krauss gave his closing remarks, saying, “Thank you all, and I hope I win your vote tomorrow.”

The following day Krauss won the elections, but the principal decided that the election results should be nullified and Krauss should be punished with a detention for “harassment.”

This is sad, the public school only support free speech if it’s liberal.

Even though, this was happening back in April the consequences for the principal and the school administration are just starting.

Krauss’ mother said that she was disappointed by the way the school handled the situation, and that it was concerned about his afecting college applications and career. “I don’t think there was anything wrong,” Angela said. “He was being silly. He’s 17!”

This disciplinary incident is now the attention of the non-profit Pacific Legal Foundation, which reached out to the family. They offered a free legal counsel to them. Pacific Legal Foundation’s Senior Attorney Mark Miller sent a letter to the Indian River County School District, requesting them to rethink their illegal behavior and declare JP as class president, and also requested for the harassment claims be removed from JP’s school record

“What JP was doing was engaged in the most basic first amendment protected speech, which is pure political speech,” Miller stated. “What they did was violate his constitutional rights.”

The school district hasn’t responded to requests for comments, but as the story spreads the, spreads the outrage among the public and that will make them address the issue.

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