Rex Tillerson Destroyed Senator John McCain Whit His Statement

John McCain constantly has been trying to destroy the Republicans, and President Trump has had it enough. Someone who is supposed to be on his side is spreading hate. That way Rex Tillerson who has been by the President side in this mess, decided to send message to all Republicans who are against Trump trying to ruin him. So he made an example out of John McCain.

John McCain made an interesting statement.

“Tillerson has sent a message to oppressed people everywhere, ‘Don’t look to the United States for hope,’ ” McCain said. “Our values make us sympathetic to your plight, and when it’s convenient we might officially express that sympathy.”

Tillerson replayed at him that he will not stand hate like this, by saying:

“America’s values of freedom, of treatment of people, human dignity, freedom of expression throughout the world, those are our values. Those are enduring values. They are part of everything we do. … But I make a distinction between values and policy. A policy has to be tailored to the individual situation. To the country. To its circumstances.”

“And so the values guide our policy, but if we put our values to the front of our policies … we have no room to adapt to changing circumstances to achieve our ultimate objective,” he went on.

If John McCain loves his job he should be careful, because she could easily lose his seat in the Senate.

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