Rob Schneider : There Is A Coup Going On From Sources In CIA And Sources From CNN

Rob Schneider shared his thoughts on what is happening concerning the constant leaks from Washington, and he couldn’t me more right.

In a Twitter post, Schneider wrote that it was “pretty obvious” to the American people that there is a coup going on from “intelligence” sources in the CIA and “unintelligence” sources from CNN.

It’s priceless and so true, take a look:

It’s pretty clear, he has a point.

Constantly CNN and almost every other mainstream media network are revealing how “unintelligent” they are by reporting leaks from “anonymous sources” as if. So they are holding onto these leaks in their stories to pass them as truth, despite of how these stories make them look as a joke and bias.

CNN are ruining their credibility every day by its implacable attacks on Trump, and apparently they don’t care. It seems like their goal is to focus on the unsubstantiated leaks that could lead to Trump’s removal from office, instead of reporting real news.

Schneider is right about the coup that is happening in Washington to overthrow President Donald Trump.

President Barack Obama’s remainders have been creating a campaign of fake news and scandals against the president to take him down.

But despite of their effort, it’s not working.

Most people can easily see what they are trying to do. And the media proved that they are unintelligent and incredibly biased.

At this moment they do not represent real journalism, the only thing they are at the moment is henchmen to the Democrat Party.

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