Sean Hannity Is Fighting Back

Sean Hannity on his Monday Fox News Channel broadcast shocked everybody with hi opening monologue. He spoke about the attacks on his professional and personal life, he informed that he is hiring a team of “the best attorneys in this country,” in that way breaking his silence.

Hannity did this in addition to the “well-orchestrated effort by the intolerant left” to suppress powerful conservative voices using every mean possible. He is well aware of the support, and understands that we know at what risk people are taking the stand.

Hannity has been working at Fox News Channel for 21-and-a-half years, and has been on radio for30 years now. He is proud to be one of the beloved hosts, however he can no longer stand the attempts of the liberals to suppress him and fellow conservatives who speak their minds. He knows that every word he speaks of being recorded so that it can be twisted later in a way that can ruin his career.

Since Donald Trump took office things got worse for Hannity and he is aware of that. He announced his support for the President, continuing that liberals don’t really appreciate conservative voices.

He has to be able to do whatever it takes to protect his integrity, career, and personal life. “So, from now on, I want you to be informed of what I am doing and why I’m doing it. If there’s any person or group or any organization, any media outlet that slanders, lies about me, besmirch me and my character, I am going to be calling them out. At this point, enough is enough,” Hannity said.

Furthermore, he spoke about the allegations he faced recently, and that these allegations weren’t the first accusations that this person made, stating that the woman accused him of stealing fundraising money in 2010. He called her “a serial harasser” who seeks attention by any means.

Hannity stated that he is doing this on behalf of every conservative that goes through the same over and over again.

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