Sheriff David A. Clarke Stands Up For Trump Via Twitter

At this time, when liberals are doing everything they can to paint a bad picture of Trump’s presidency so they can eventually impeach him, Trump always reassures to see if real patriots are still supporting him.

And while liberals are trying to bring him down, others are constantly demonstrating their support for the administration so they can keep working and improving our country.

So, this Sunday Sheriff David A. Clarke via Twitter explained how every POTUS defines his own Presidency, and as Democrat Bill Clinton’s presidency was named as “Pants Down Presidency,” Clarke is sure that Trump’s will be “Make America Great Again.”

Clarke’s tweet instantly spread across the internet, receiving up to 10,600 likes and counting. America needs people like Sheriff Clarke, that will stand up against all the hate thrown at Trump supporters, and motivate people to speak loudly, without fear of losing their jobs and careers. And maybe then the liberals will understand that once someone is in office, they should at least give him a chance to lead first without making it hard.

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