Stephen Colbert Has Attacked The President Donald Trump Again

Stephen Colbert has attacked the President Donald Trump again.

The last few days Colbert have been in a word-war with President Trump after he called him “a no-talent guy” in a response of the Colbert insults.

Colbert last attacked the President in his latest episode of the late show, when he declared his victory.

 “The President of the United States has personally come after me and my Twitter, and there’s only one thing to say…” said Colbert.

“Mr. Trump, there’s a lot you don’t understand, but I never thought one of those things would be show business.

Don’t you know I’ve been trying for a year to get you to say my name, and you were very restrained, admirably restrained, but now you did it. I won!”

The host tried to attack and insult Trump after the president attacked him during an interview saying “You see a no-talent guy like Colbert. There’s nothing funny about what he says.”

President Trump stated “what he says is filthy. And you have kids watching. And it only builds up my base. It only helps me, people like him.”

President Trump then turned to Colbert’s unsuccessful Late show by saying:

 ‘The guy was dying. By the way, they were going to take him off television, then he started attacking me and he started doing better,’ Trump stated.

‘But his show was dying. I’ve done his show… But when I did his show, which by the way was very highly rated. It was high – highest rating. The highest rating he’s ever had.’

We don’t know about others, but if you ask us, Colbert needs to be shut down and the sooner, the better for all of us who won’t have to listen to his ranting!

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