Thief Got A Bit More Than He Was Looking

A Tennessee thief got a bit more than he was looking for, after targeting a local home to rob. He forced his way inside with a gun, but got a surprise when he saw who was waiting him inside.

Carter chose a Chattanooga home and started realizing his master plan. He knocked on the door, and then demanded to be let in. After hearing the sound of metal, the owner realized that Carter was armed, so he decided the best way would be to run.

The victim jumped out of a window, and as Carter heard that the man was running away he run around to meet him. “The [police] report states Carter then led the one victim back to the apartment at gunpoint to make his way inside.”

Carter than demanded that his victim to hand over his phone, but as it turns out he should have been more careful of who else was in the house. In a moment, a second person jumped Carter helping the victim to overpower the intruder. The two of them beat Carter and held him down until the police came, but unfortunately one was shot in the leg.

According to the Daily Caller, the victim is in hospital and it’s expected to heal properly. As for Carter, he has been charged with first-degree attempted murder, especially aggravated burglary, reckless endangerment, and three counts of aggravated assault. He is currently being held in lieu of $245,000 bond

The Second Amendment exist just because there are out there many people like Carter and we have the right to protect ourselves if danger arises.

Anyhow, this is why owning a gun is for, nobody should feel unsafe in their own homes, and nobody should lose their life because some crazy crimilan decided to rub somebody.

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