Transgender Drunk Decided To Attack The Wrong Guy

Georgia transgender persona had too much alcohol when she decided to attack the wrong guy, when she learned her lesson.

The incident happened outside the Stratosphere skate shop in Five Points, a district in Atlanta, Georgia. This video is couple short clips put together to show the bigger picture. As reported the woman was homeless and intoxicated when the incident happened.

You can see in this video that the young transgender was harassing a group of people for no reason, which made everybody laugh and simply to stand by and watch her a she humiliates her. You can hear her attacking the crowd many time.

People asked her to leave but she refuses and continues to attack them verbally.

One costumer tried to went in the shop but the transgender didn’t let him. So, things got little out of hand. She got close to him encouraging him to react. This mas wasn’t aware of what is happening when the things took a turn so he was forced to defend himself. So, he threw the girl on the ground, and to make sure that the threat is uncappable to attack him again he jumped and kicked her in the face.

And not surprisingly the left almost immediately labeled the attack as “transphobic,” when clearly this wasn’t. the person who filmed the video later stated for The GA Voice that this was a matter of self-defense.

This video shows what is wrong with the liberal mentality, not only the people feel the right to act anyway they want, but also if somebody opposes them they cry of how marginalized they are.

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