Trey Gowdy Called Nancy Pelosi “Mind-Numbingly Stupid” On Live TV

Trey Gowdy is a determined worker for the conservatives in U.S. and now we can see why he is so dedicated to doing this. Conservatives in U.S. are practically threatened by the liberals, and the best example is if we make an analogy with President Trump, it’s family and administration. The left will do almost anything to interrupt the administration’s work. And this isn’t all. Now, they are joined by Democratic leadership. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are using the media to make like the President is destroying this country.

It seems like they forgot all about the last 8 years. Obama tried everything to ensure that nation can never be the same. That is why Trey Gowdy reminds them all the time about what they did. He went on Fox News and attacked Nancy Pelosi because of her lies. Despite the fact that this video is old, it is still valuable today.

Gowdy called her “mind-numbingly stupid” and he had very good reason. She has proved herself to be an incompetent leader and as it turns out dangerous for dozens of people here. And conservatives knew this for a long time now, but liberals are still refusing to see the truth about here. Nancy Pelosi even had trouble expressing her thoughts, she referred to President Trump as President Bush many times before.

This proves that she is not a capable politician. Trey Gowdy rightfully called her out on live TV.

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