Trey Gowdy Is Going To Be Heading Pedophile Investigation

Trey Gowdy has become known as one of the most passionate congressmen in the country. He is known for his ability to always find the truth in every situation.

Grows  is remarkable and has rare qualities that not all Senators have. That is why we, as conservatives, are fortunate that he is fighting for us when it comes to wrong doing. We can all be pleased that he is one of the good guys.

He now will be the one that is heading the investigation of the Russian scandal as well as looking into Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities.

As well Gowdy has something else on his mind, he also wants to help eliminate pedophile rings that plague so much of this nation.

“More than anything else we’re united in our inability to get the images out of out heads,” Gowdy explains as he is telling us what he will try to accomplish.

“This is what I want you to do for me: I want you to give me a list of the providers that are giving you a hard time. We may have another hearing. We may let them come and publicly explain why they are having a hard time complying with law enforcement in the child exploitation and the child abuse cases. My guess is that would be a very tough publc explanation for them so give me the names of the name of the providers that you’re having a hard time dealing with and, I may not make them do it, but I can make them come and explain why they are doing it and my guess is they won’t want to do that.”

Trey Gowdy is a hero lawyer and he will discover the truth one way or another.

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