Trey Gowdy Touched The House Members With His Speech

The South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy is an exceptional politician that younger generations on the political scene should look up to.

The left had thrown many punches his way, but didn’t succeed for one reason only, he wants the truth and stands by it.

Trey Gowdy recently spoke at the House concerning a personal issue, his speech was emotional and moved the whole audience there, and this is not the first time Trey touched the crowd.

Once he received a standing ovation from the House Republicans when talking about Obama’s deceitfulness.

Then Gowdy told the story about a young girl who was accidentally shot by a police officer.

The police officers got a call about a fire that had broken out, but when they arrived at the place, a man opened fire at them and they responded in the same way. What that didn’t predict was that a little girl was in the place, standing behind the man that police open fire at.

The police officers reacted quickly and luckily saw that the wounded girl was alive.

Anyhow, this story only proves that Gowdy is a wonderful man. We can all agree that it’s not only the story line itself that is great, but also how passionate Gowdy is when he tells it.

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