Trump Just Made Amazing Speech About His Daughter

This weekend Trump stood in front of everyone and said something incredible for Ivanka. You can watch the video below.

He said that her life would have been much calmer if it wasn’t for him and then he said to her how proud of her he is.

Donald Trump was talking how Ivanka was there for him and went to the round-table meeting with world leaders at the G20 today, when Trump had to meet bilaterally with world leaders instead.

Trump donated $50 million to the World Bank program in honor of his daughter, that are meant to improve access to entrepreneurship for women in developing countries. The fund was launched by Theresa May.

“By investing in women around the world, we’ve investing in families, we’re investing in prosperity, and we’re investing in peace,” Trump stated. “With a $50 million commitment, the United States will continue to lead the world stage in developing policies to empower women financially in our modern economy.”

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