Trump Released His Financial Records Proving Liberals Wrong Angain

President Donald Trump was telling the truth about his financial records, IJR reported.

He cut a number of Business connections before he took office in January.

The 98 pages long financial records show that he made millions of dollars in the first quarter of this year from his worldwide hotels. He has $315 million in liabilities.

Trump earned $360 million from 20 resort and golf businesses, his new hotel in DC earned $20 million in revenue. He has at least $1.4 billion in assets.

He ended 500 of his business connections during this time and he cut a number of them before he took office in January.

The New York Times failed again to find the connections to Russia and everyone is laughing at them right now for trying so hard to prove their vicious lies.

The financial transactions are accounted for, but it doesn’t include his net worth or how much he has shelled to the US government.

Assets and debts of the President are accounted for.

Trump released his financial record so that the media can be distracted in attempt to fix more problems in Washington.

It’s a necessity for Trump to fire Mueller and end this false investigation. Seven months have passed and there is no shred of proof.

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