Trump Supporters “Took Over” The Town Hall And Surprised Maxine When She Tried To Leave

Maxine Waters held a town hall In Gardena, California, where she came across few hundred of Trump supporters who were there to protest. The California Congresswoman was alarmed when the supporters “took over” the town hall and surprised her when she tried to leave the community center.

Trump supporters weren’t allowed to enter the town hall so they started shouting “Let us in!” when that didn’t turn out to be a success they decided to protest in front of the doors, and with bull horns, they yelled “Dirty Waters.” As Maxine started to talk about Trump colluding with Putin,” they told her to “Respect our President,” and enraged her that she started yelling, “Impeach 45!” and then very easily she lost it and started shouting, “Stop the disruption! Stop It! You will not disrupt my town hall!”

None of the mainstream media reported this, except one small article in LA Times that will lead you to believe her town hall was a success.

LA Times reported, “Waters’ opponents were dressed in pro-Trump garb and called her ‘Dirty Waters.’ Channel Temple said she lost her job a few years ago and hasn’t been able to find a new one because she doesn’t speak Spanish. She said Waters has destroyed the black community by supporting immigrants.”

But the real surprise by the Trump supporters was when she tried to leave. As you can see in the video below she has a terrified expression on her face. The supporters encircled the whole community center so that they can tell her that she is not welcomed in her own district.

The supporters behaved with dignity, didn’t express violence. The acted within the law and were exercising their First Amendment rights, unlike the liberals. Watters was scared only because they were telling the truth.

At the end, Auntie Maxine decided to exit the community center from the side through one small blue door scurried to her waiting SUV, surrounded by police.
The supporters started booing her, few showed her the middle finger, and one man shouted, “Dirty Waters has got to go, Dirty Waters has got to go!”

Maxine Waters is very disliked among the people in the 43rd district. And many of her supporters have left the Democratic Party and registered as Republican to stand by Omar Navarro, young GOP candidate who is running up against Maxine for her Congressional seat. As it seems Maxine is going to lose her Congressional seat.

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