Tucker Carlson Is Starting The Show With Caitlyn Jenner

Tucker Carlson following the Bill O’Reilly’s departure announced big news that he’ll be taking the O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. time slot. And he is going to celebrate the takeover by hosting one of the most famous and controversial person in America as a guest.

Carlson will be starting the show with Caitlyn Jenner the former Olympian, reality show star and transgender activist, according to Variety.

Keeping it in mind that O’Reilly was one of the most vocal critics of Jenner’s public profile it’s ironic that Tucker choose Jenner to be his first guest. Especially that when Jenner announced in 2015 that he was going to identify as a woman from now on, O’Reilly said, “Pardon me for this, but from the waist down, he is a ‘he.’”

According to Access Hollywood  Jenner confirmed that “she” has had gender reassignment surgery, and also is promoting a new book “The Secrets of My Life.” Now she has turned against President Trump due to his policy concerning transgender community although previously she claimed she voted for him.

“I’m interested in Caitlyn Jenner’s politics and what it must be like to be in that position,” Carlson stated during an appearance Friday on Fox News’ “The Five.” “People coming at you from both sides. And so I want to have a conversation about it.”

When Carlson was asked whether Jenner was a conservative, he responded, “That’s my understanding. I mean … this is the first interview we’ve done, so I don’t really know. But I’ve read that and I’m interested in it, and I’m also interested in the idea that people sort of wind up spokespeople for a cause or a group maybe against their will.”

“And I don’t know if that’s the case here, but I’m going to try and find out,” Carlson added.

Tucker’s ability to get Jenner as a guest left even the other reporters at Fox News speechless.

If there is anything bigger than the way he end up at 8 p.m., this is it.

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