Washington Post Says Trump Got Physical at Summit, Video Shows Otherwise

 It is no secret that the liberal media will find a way to attack President Trump even if that means to make up stories.

One example of that is The Washington Post reporting a story about Trump getting “physical” with the prime minister of Montenegro at Thursday’s meeting of leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, and also criticizing him for “lecturing” NATO members about paying their proper share to fund the alliance.

The leaders were gathering together to be photographed and Trump respectably pot his hand on the PM Dusko Markovic’s shoulder to pass by him so he could take a position at the front of the line.

Markovic smiled at him, it was nothing like the mainstream described his response, they said that he felt assaulted. You can see the video here:

USA Today also reported on this saying that Trump “shoved” Markovic, saying that he “appeared to push aside” his fellow colleague from Montenegro.

Anyhow it was also reported that White House press secretary Sean Spicer acknowledged that he hadn’t seen the video when he was asked, he explained that the proper standing way for a group photos is predetermined, saying that Trump wasn’t forcing his way to the front of the line.

This only proves that there is a double standard when reporting on Trump. The media has been searching for something to attack Trump since he has began his foreign trip.

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