EU Just Proved That The Paris Climate Accord Had A Hidden Agenda

President Trump this Thursday announced that U.S. has left the Paris Climate Accord, but he also stated that we are open for negotiations to form new agreement.

The European leaders have stated that they are not open to renegotiating the agreement, even though they are constantly saying that U.S. leaving the agreement will have “cataclysmic” consequences for the whole planet.

Some reports are saying that EU didn’t want to renegotiate because their true intentions are to suck the U.S. dry, and as a result to appoint globalists as governing bodies.

If you pay close attention at the Paris climate accord, you can easily see that it has been particularly designed to drain money from U.S. and to be a burden on the economy. If it was really about the climate, they wouldn’t have a problem to renegotiate.

As it appears the liberals, did not have a problem accepting a corrupted deal that has been worked out with major corporations and U.S. states.

New York state and New York City, California, Washington, Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley are few of the states that have promised to abide the agreement which was never legally enforced by former President Barack Obama. And now they are refusing to renegotiate, maybe because they won’t be able to reach an agreement in which they will be able to profit from the U.S.

The liberals are trying to make an ‘example’ the 195 nations who are supporting the agreement, but not all of them have signed it and a large number of the don’t even abide by it.

As President Donald Trump said that this “important” Paris agreement contained the Green Climate fund, which is one of the largest scams, that would drain America of $100 billion, and will increase over time.

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