Hillary Clinton Just Received Terrible News

A formal State Department inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email practices started and can end with Clinton losing the security clearance that able her to access to important government information.

The investigation goal is to found out if she and her aides broke the law by using her private server for government emails while Clinton was secretary of state.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, affirmed that the State Department is looking into the matter.

A May 2016 report stated that if Clinton asked for approval of using the private system, it would have been denied because of “security risks” and that Clinton’s system was “not an appropriate method” for storing and transmitting sensitive information.

The report pointed out that when State Department IT staff was concerned about her system during Clinton’s time they were told it was already reviewed by lawyers and then ordered “never to speak of the secretary’s personal email system again.” The report stated that there was no evidence of a legal review.

Grassley’s committee has separate investigation of Clinton going on and stated that there is “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information.”

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill stated the matter is closed.

“Nothing’s been more thoroughly dissected. It’s over. Case closed. Literally,” she stated.

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, does not agree with her.

Farrell stated that Clinton’s “circle of national security criminals” should have their security clearances revoked.

“Their conduct has cost them that privileged position of special trust and confidence,” he said, pointing out that any other government official or stuffer would do what Clinton did would have been prosecuted.

“This flagrant double standard for the gang that exposed top secret code-word material to the Russians, Chinese and others is both offensive and deeply corrosive to the intelligence community,” Farrell stated. “There is no better evidence that when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her côtèrie, laws are for the little people.”

The investigation into Clinton’s emails is not the only one happening right now. Grassley’s committee is also looking into whether Clinton had connections in a Bangladeshi corruption probe on behalf of a Clinton Foundation donor.

“This new evidence of pay-to-play and special treatment reinforces the appearance that donations to the Clinton Foundation resulted in favorable treatment by Secretary Clinton’s State Department,” Grassley stated.

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