Maxine Waters Is Worried By Trump’s New “Financial Choice Act”

Did you ever imagined that the day will come when Maxine Waters will stop asking for “Impeach 45?” Well is your happy day, her illegal flow of cash was threatened by Trump. She said to her followers that “we will deal with Trump later,” that has made everyone wonder what is going on that is more important than her endeavor.

Maxine Waters’ purpose in life is to make everyone want “Impeach 45,” even though many of them don’t know what it is. She has become famous now, although she’s been around for over 20 years. And now she has devoted her attention on the “Financial Choice Act,” that indicates that something is wrong here.

She has devoted her attention onto this matter because she got rich of the financial crisis in 2008. Her husband was had a chair at the board of directors at One United Bank, and she got them a huge bailout.

The House Ethics Committee charged Rep. Waters with three counts of violating House rules and ethics regulations in connection with her use of power and influence on behalf of One United Bank. Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help [bailout money] for a bank where her husband owned stock and had served on the board of directors.

Maxine fill the back with twelve million dollars, and as reported she got out of that one million. So, it’s little suspicious that she is so upset about this “Financial Choice Act”.

To express herself she tweets 15 time a day on this matter and forget all about Trump’s impeachment.

Waters for years now, made a hundred of thousands of dollars is small period of time with selling her endorsement to other politicians and political causes for nearly of $45,000 a pop, instead of raising most of her campaign funds from individuals and political action committees

She has made the list of the “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians,” but the Democrats thought that it would be smart move to name her to be their top representative on the Financial Services Committee.

More thing you know about Maxine, the more you can understand that all this is crazy. In her history, you can see that she made worldwide headlines for her often visits to Cuba where her convicted cop-assassin friend, Joanne Chesimard, also known as Black Panther of Assata Shakur, is at.

She was charged for murder of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1979, and when the jury sentenced her to life in prison, escaped and fled to Cuba.

So, these are the stuff we know about her, and makes you wonder how this woman can be in Congress? Let’s hope that the GOP challenger Omar Navarro will trounce her in 2018.

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