Trey Gowdy Just Made A Major Move To Stop Obama’s Shadow Government

Former President Barack Obama is on the hot seat after was uncovered that he was spying on the federal government against some of its citizens, including Donald Trump and his team for the 2016 election.

Many are concerned that Obama is running a “shadow government,” because of the reports that have come up that Obama illegally spied on Trump, and because of his constant attempts to bring down Trump. The Obama family purchased a mansion in Washington DC which is a few blocks from the White House, that is a little bit weird.

As reported, Obama ran his surveillance operation through the National Security Agency (NSA) – an organization where he still many associates even though he is not in the White House anymore.

Congressman Trey Gowdy just did something major, he went on Fox News and told Bill Hemmer that he plans to stop the NSA from running these programs.

 “We’re not going to reauthorize these surveillance programs if the American people are not satisfied that their security is not going to be safeguarded.” Gowdy said.

Trey Gowdy tried to clarify just how Obama abused these programs saying: “This unmasking. That is a privilege to be able to request that a U.S. person’s name be unmasked. I want to know who’s making the request [and] what is the evidentiary basis of that request? And if it’s late in your tenure – like the day before you leave office – that should send off alarms and sirens in your head as to why that person did it.”

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