Trump Just Revealed Something That Will Make Everyone Scream

President Trump is going to reveal his $1 Trillion infrastructure plan, that will renovate everything from with the roads to our air traffic control system. And the best part is that Trump will try to get the most of it paid by businesses and local governments, not the federal government.

Liberals are not going to love this plan, as they love spending other people’s money.

Before being a President Trump was known around the world for his successful career as a builder and developer. He has promised to use his experience and expertise to renovate America’s poorly deteriorating infrastructure.

Having an entrepreneur for a president is starting to pay off, President Trump knows how to bargain the best deal and get the Americans their money worth.

“We like the template of not using taxpayer dollars to give taxpayers wins,” stated Gary Cohn, President Trump’s infrastructure adviser and director of the National Economic Council.

President Trump plans to privatize the air- traffic control system so that can be modernized to use digital satellite-based tracking systems instead of land-based radar, which will be both cost saving and more accurate. His plan is to turn over the air-traffic system to a private non-profit, which will be a huge savings to the government and the American taxpayer.

Other details for America’s new infrastructure plan will be revealed later this week.

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